A Visit to Botanic Gardens

Today we went to The Auckland botanic gardens – the
home of more than 10,000 plants from around the world! Even the weather got a bit cold and wet, our tamariki and whanau still had lots of fun discovering the stinky bog, the dry desert and the mythical maze in the Potter Children’s garden or going on a scavenger hunt around the whole garden!

Our little explorers had a great time getting a handson learning experience and gaining an understanding of how they can make a difference in their environment. In the Potter Children’s garden, we had a bingo game, searching for precious native plants, monarch butterfly, cactus, native birds, signs, statues and landmarks. Thanks, our lovely parents and educators for their consistent help and encouragement. This exploration tells the legends of Māui, the kereru and pūriri and features four major habitats – desert, jungle, bog and meadow, which showcase the amazing adaptations plants develop to survive in different environments. It also includes water sensitive design features such as green roofs, rain gardens and rain water harvesting devices. Our little kiwi explorers also made themselves a natural bracelet with different leaves and petals.

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