Have Fun with Science

On 7th of August we arranged a Science workshop “Have fun with science”, for our No-1 Home Based children to facilitate children’s investigation and exploration. We arranged science activities, such as “Making your own balloon Rocket”, “Mixing primary colors”, “Magnet discovery bottles” and “Making Lava Lamps”. Activities were set up before the children arrived along with their educators. We welcomed the educators and children and offered them to have some snacks and Tea/ Coffee. The educators and children were very excited to know about what we have planned for them. When they arrived in the room, we gave the brief introduction to the activity and given the instructions to perform all the activities one by one. First, children enjoyed exploring magnetic forces using magnets and other materials stored in the bottles. They were using magnets to discover what type of things could be attracted with magnets. Then we moved on to the making of lava lamps. This activity required a lot of supervision as we used oil, water and aspirin tablets. So, we requested the educator to stay alert during the activity. Children created their own lava lamps with the color of their choice. Finally, we made balloon rocket, this was the most fun activity we did today. It was fun for the educator to fill up the air into the balloons and for children it was fun to let that balloon go and to reach it to the height

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